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Soundproofed compressor unit SICOLAB mini ENDO

Drying of endoscopes with oil-free compressed air

Drying of endoscopes using compressed air

The Robert Koch Institute and the German medical association hold the opinion that the drying of endoscopes after their manual preparation is of key importance. In order to avoid recontamination during gastrointestinal endoscopy, blow-drying the fibre or video endoscope with oil-free compressed air after the cleaning, desinfection and rinsing is recommended. Our SICOLAB mini ENDO is a suitable highly efficient solution for this procedure. Our SICOLAB mini ENDO (including the most modern compressed air pistol made of stainless steel) is the ideal solution.

Medical devices must meet certain requirements to ensure patient safety and product quality. The SICOLAB mini ENDO from Dürr Technik has the necessary certification as a Class I medical device in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC.

Practical advice - manual reprocessing of flexible endoscopes

Your benefits:

  1. extremely low noise level
  2. very easy handling
  3. clean compressed air thanks to 0.01µm fine filter
  4. dismountable compressed air pistol made of stainless steel, also approved as medical product class I
  5. oil-free compressor unit in soundproof box - plug and play
  6. adjustment of the optimum working pressure by pressure reducer
  7. maintenance-free compressor
  8. easy cleaning of the surfaces of the soundproof box

Due to the extremely compact design it is even possible to install the unit in the surgery cabinet. A carrying handle is attached for mobile handling. SICOLAB mini Endo is fitted with a fine filter, a spiral coiled hose and a compressed air pistolmade of stainless steel, as standard features. Just choose the nozzle needed for your application – and even the blowingout of polypectomy loops is possible without any difficulty.


ENDOTRADE Medical Technology Wilfried Hederer

"Your Sicolab mini compressor is used for the drying of endoscopes and is by far the best drying device for endoscopes on the market. Price-performance ratio very good compared to competitors. Actually every endoscopy preparation should use such a compressor for drying."

Wilfried Hederer,
ENDOTRADE Medical Technology Wilfried Hederer

"The equipment features with high reliability and quality. lt is a necessary unit in our endoscopy department. Helps us to speed up and improve the proper preparation of endoscopes, used for further surgeries. Fast drying out process after cleaning is essential at our Medical Center. Furthermore, the purchase, delivery and after sales support is on the highest level.".

Katarzyna Niechaj, ARTIMED NZOZ Sp. z. o.o., Kielce, Poland



Practice Clinic, Munich-Pasing

"The compressor station for drying of flexible endoscopes has been recommended to me by some colleagues located in greater Munich. A particular aspect is the time saving for the treatment per endoscope by drying with the box."

Dr. med. Sebastian Fischer, Practice Clinic, Munich-Pasing



Group Practice Dres. Krüger/Dr. Dietze-Richter, Radebeul, Germany

"Since 4 years we are using this product and are very satisfied. Decision-making criterias were the very low noise, the compact design and very good handling. The length of the pistol is optimal, so also the endoscopes to be dried, which are still in the cleaning machine, are easily accessible. Furthermore the unit can be perfectly installed into the surgery cabinet. With a hose / tube duct through the work top the pistol with cone can be easily hang up and is then positioned properly and easy to hand on the work top."

Dr. Rolf-Achim Krüger, Group Practice Dres. Krüger / Dr. Dietze-Richter, Practice for Internal Medicine / Gastroenterology, Radebeul, Germany



Urological Practice Center, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

" By the use of the unit the treatment of our endoscopes has clearly become more efficient. Owing to the compact design the unit can easily be integrated into our surgery rooms."

Christiane Arlt, Arzthelferin, Urological Practice Center, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany



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