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Electronic control and monitoring for compressor-stations

DürrTronic monitors your compressor station safely and reliably. This ensures reliable maintenance intervals and avoids failures. The automatic monitoring displays the most important operating parameters and various statistics, so that various diagnoses can be carried out simply at the touch of a button. The electronic control system ensures less mechanical wear by time-controlled operation of the solenoid valves and helps to achieve the maximum service life of the compressor.

Advantages of DürrTronic

Preventive maintenance
  • Timely replacement of components to achieve optimum service life
Warning for too many switching cycles
  • Avoids motor and valve failures
Controlled condensate drain
  • Longer service life for both the valves and the friction pairing, as cold starting is no longer possible. The condensate drain valve is only activated when the compressor is running. Therefore no blowing noises when the station is not in operation
Statistics and Monitoring
  • Support in diagnostics (operating temperature, switching cycles, filter and friction pairing exchange)



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