Oil-free compressors and vacuum pumps


Oil-free compressors and pumps from Dürr Technik are convincing in their efficiency and at the same time contribute to safety at the workplace and environmental protection.

Vapour recovery pump MEX

Gas-tight compressors

Nitrogen generator Nitrobeer

The oil-free technology offers clear advantages:

  • No oil vapours in the air
  • No oil level checks necessary
  • No oil change (disposal as hazardous waste)
  • No oil filter or oil separator required

The quality of our oil-free compressors

Our high quality standards as a leading manufacturer are also reflected in the exceptional service life of our oil-free compressors. Even after many thousands of operating hours, an oil-free compressed air compressor from Dürr Technik performs its service quietly and reliably - an advantage you can rely on.

In many applications a compressor for oil-free air is indispensable, because oil vapours damage valves, clog nozzles, contaminate air or falsify measurement results.

An oil-free compressor is therefore the ideal solution for pure and clean compressed air with minimum maintenance. They are used worldwide in various industries, including compressed air in medical and laboratory technology and the food and beverage industry.

Thanks to many years of experience and a comprehensive product range, we can offer reliable and individual system solutions for many areas of application - portable or stationary.

Let us advise you on the possible applications and take advantage of the convincing advantages of our oil-free compressors.

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