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Nitrobeer - the comfortable nitrogen generator – cost effective and safe

Continuous nitrogen supply with nitrobeer

Nitrobeer generates safe and reliable nitrogen, enabling specific beer types to develop their full flavour. The nitrogen generator will also be used in wine storages, for optimal emptying of wine barrels.

Nitrobeer is easy to operate and therefore a convenient alternative to nitrogen bottles. Procuring and handling of the N2-bottles are no longer necessary.

Your advantages

  • Nitrogen bottles no longer needed
  • 100% duty cycle – particularly important at peak times
  • Long service life
  • Extremely silent with only 56 dB(A)
  • Very high nitrogen purity (99,8 %)
  • 2-columns PSA-technology
  • Plug & Play
  • Compact – therefore only little space necessary
  • Also designed for in-wall mounting


Installation principle

Installation principle


Technical data

Type Nitrobeer
Purity of nitrogen (%) 99,8
Nitrogen flow volume at 6 bar (l/min) 10
Max. number of barrels / hour 14
Max. number of pints / minute 33,6 ≙ 19 l/min
Duty cycle (%) S1 – 100%
Sound-pressure level dB(A) 56
Nitrogen receiver - volume (l) 6*
Nominal voltage (V) 230 V AC
Frequency (Hz) 50
Current consumption (A) 2,6
Ambient temperature (°C) 5 - 40
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 650x280x550
Weight (kg) 52

* a 6 l tank is integrated.

To produce higher volumes an additional tank can be connected.




Finnegan's Irish Pub, Berlin

For more than 25 years, thousands of our oil-free compressors have been fulfilling their service/tasks reliably in the beverage industry. One application, for example, is driving of beverage pumps.

For certain types of beers, such as stouts, ales or lagers, a specific N2:CO2 ratio mixture (75:25 or 70:30) is used as a dispense gas to provide the beers a characteristic flavor and consistency. They are dispensed with a relatively high proportion of nitrogen, which is why our nitrogen generator, Nitrobeer, is used for this purpose.

These types of beer are often found to be served on tap in Irish Pubs. It is in this segment that we recently delivered our nitrogen generator unit. Since May 2018, the Finnegan's Irish Pub in Berlin receives its nitrogen from the nitrogen generator Nitrobeer. Previously, nitrogen or mixed gas cylinders were used here which often caused challenges due to inconvenient logistics, such as supply bottlenecks and handling related issues.

The 100% duty cycle ensures that beer can be dispensed independent of nitrogen cylinders, and the additional savings and convenience by avoiding handling of cylinders means that the

Nitrobeer unit amortizes relatively quickly. In particular, the compact size, low maintenance, as well as the long life time and high quality convinced Mr. Costello, owner of the Finnegan's Irish Pub in Berlin, to opt for the Nitrobeer.

In the future, Mr. Costello will not have to plan and coordinate with gas suppliers for his Irish Pub and worry about supply shortages, if cylinders may not be available on time. In addition, the heavy bottles do not have to be regularly changed and carried. Now, draught beer in the Finnegan's Irish Pub is ensured at all times by the dispensing system with the nitrogen generator Nitrobeer. 

We thank Mr. Costello for his confidence in our product quality.  


Please contact us, if you are interested in the Nitrobeer unit for your pub.






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