Accessories and components from Dürr Technik

Filter and silencer

Intake and exhaust air filter operate simultaneously as silencer.

  Article number Description Suitable for
  9000-416-0035ET Fine filter
0,01 µm
Membrane drying installations
  0715100045 Fine filter set
0,3 µm

3 pieces
SICOLAB mini Endo
  9000-416-0020 Activated carbon filter SICOLAB
  0714200015 Intake filter standard

Thread ¼"
2 Micron filter fineness
Range KK15, KK40, KK70. KV15, KV40
  0714200025 Intake filter and silencer

Connection thread G ⅛"

Range KK8 and KV8
  0825-994-00 Microfilter in housing

Thread ⅛"
10 µm
Range KK8, KV8
  0832-994-00 Microfilter in housing

Thread ¼"
10 µm
Starting from range KK15, KV15
  1100-040-00 Filter with check valve

set of 3 pieces
Range KV and GA
  9000-416-0014 Intake filter and silencer

Filter cartridge with filter 3 µm
KK15, KK40, KK70
  9000-416-50 Intake filter and silencer

Filter cartridge with filter 3 µm
Marathon, 9000-416-0014
  0837-001-00 Silencer

Thread G¼"
outer thread
Range KV8 (can only be assembled with reduction nipple 9000-310-57), KV15, KV40
  9000-310-57 Reduction nipple KV8


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