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Oil-free compressor stations with electronic control and monitoring


DürrTronic ensures safe and reliable monitoring of the compressor station so that failures or maintenance intervals can be detected on time. The electronic control also ensures time-controlled operation of the solenoid valves (condensate drain and starting relief valve).

DürrTronic displays the most important operating parameters as well as statistics, making diagnosis easier in case of failures.


  • Preventive service: Timely replacement of components, thus achieving an optimum service life
  • Warning in case of too many switching cycles: Prevents motor and valve failures
  • Controlled condensate drain: Longer service life for both the valves and the friction pair since cold starting is no more possible. The condensate drain valve is only activated when the compressor is running. So there is no blowing noise when the station is idle
  • Statistics / Monitoring: Supports diagnostics (operating temperature, switching cycles, filter or friction pair replacement)






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