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New mobile compressor station with dryer

High quality compressed air "on the move" - WAG-132M

The mobile air compressor station WAG-132M is the first of its kind compact, portable source of high quality compressed air with dryer released by Dürr Technik. This compressor station is designed for users that require oil free, particle free and moisture free compressed air.*

The unit has an onboard cooler and dryer with upto 30K PDP reduction relative to ambient temperature, air filters (options between 0,3 and 0,01µ), includes a 10 liter air receiver tank and a trolley that makes for ease of handling. Weighing a meagre 37,5 kg, the unit is quite compact and easy to handle. It fits in the trunk of a small commercial vehicle, making it an ideal option for service personnel requiring an all-in-one mobile compressor unit. It can be operated using a standard 3kW electric generator.

This product has been designed keeping in mind the following applications:

• for telecommunication fiber blowing (FTTH installations)
• for portable quality control / testing teams
• for veterinary applications
• for cleaning / drying of sensitive optical equipment

The WAG-132M is now available.

Dürr Technik enables you to blow on the go!

* For the highest air quality standards, Dürr Technik recommends specific minimum pressure settings and a regular change of filters is required. For further information, kindly refer to the operating manual or contact Dürr Technik.

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